“When you’re looking For A Irish Public House in Los Angeles County”

When you are in the San Fernando Valley Googling, “authentic Irish pub”, you will learn something quickly – I.e., “You’re not in Kansas anymore.” So if you are from or have been to either Chicago or Boston or both, you will know what I mean.

There are very few authentic Irish Pubs in and around Los Angeles County, and LA County is really spread out – so much so that if you were on foot, you could be “three sheets to the wind” at one pub and completely recovered – “fresh as a daisy” as it were – by the time you arrive at another Irish pub. Authentic Irish public houses are literally that hard to find – and even when you think you’ve found one, so many of them seem to be missing the true Gaelic drinking experience.

In the old days laddie or lass, you couldn’t Google, “Irish Taverns or Irish Pubs, but there were a lot of them in the San Fernando Valley thirty years ago. These days, however, they all want to be a bar & grill, a sports bar or a an indoor amusement park. Most of them serve food as the main focus of their business – when we all know that a true, authentic Irish Pub should be focused on serving alcohol and snacks. Guiness, Harp, Sam Adams and Murphy’s on tap, Old Bush Mills, Jameson and Tullamore Dew, the rest of the gang and pretzels are what’s flowing at O’Regan’s Shooterz on Roscoe Boulevard in Winnetka, CA.

We have food, because drinking makes you hungry, but make no mistake, the reason for being here is to experience the tradition of Ireland and Irish whiskey, but also to be a regular meeting place to order drink with other neighborhood locals.

We have live music once or twice a week, but even when the DJ is here, you aren’t likely to hear Bionce or Led Zeppelin playing. The Strypes, Westlife, Dropkick Murphys, Thin Lizzy, “Whiskey In a Jar”, House of Pain – that’s how we roll. O’Regans Shooterz on Roscoe Blvd in Winnetka, CA is the only authentic Irish neighborhood pub for more than a 30 minute drive in any direction.

O’Regan’s Shooterz is a traditional Irish pub where the pool table rules the roost. Sure we have dice, darts and a couple of next gen video games, but it’s pool, beer-pong, Keroke and sports television that round out the mid-week entertainment menu in this bar.

The Saturday night live music is “a whale of a time”. The Friday night DJ is the best in the business! O’Regan’s Shooterz is an intimate little bar, but the place really gets jumpin’ after the sun goes down. Especially on St. Patty’s Day. O’Regan’s Shooterz is the place to be for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. On St. Patrick’s Day, you can get your Leprechaun on, kiss the Blarney Stone, pay tribute to the Magical Shalayleigh or just sing “Molly Malone” until the moon is high in the sky. When you are in O’Regans Shooters, you will feel like you just walked into Madigan’s or O’Donoghues in Dublin, Ireland.

So, if you live within walking distance, Uber distance or if you’re just lost, step in to our little Irish corner of the world; or just pull out your phone and Google, “Irish Pub”, then come and experience a neighborhood public house tradition that has been passed down for centuries - literally. It’s the best drinking experience in “donkey’s years”.